Portrait Drawings

Portrait drawing requests. Most of my drawing requests are for beloved ones, girlfriends, boyfriends and family members. I try to improvise and add various objects to the portrait photograph that wasn't there originally. Sometimes, it's just light.

The drawing below was done on July 25th, 2016. It is of Stevie Nicks, the singer from the band Fleetwood Mac.

stevie nicks portrait drawing

Portrait drawn from a photo, of a girl standing next to an old car in a pattern dress, with trees in the background.

Custom request pencil drawing of a girl in a black and white pattern dress leaning on a seat of an old car with her hand. This 16 x 16 drawing is sold. It was shipped to Seattle to its new owner on July 18th, 2016.

Other times, the object is already there. Usually it's a pet like dogs, cats or ferrets!

Pencil drawing of girl with a dog.

I thought I'd post a little of the drawing process here. This is an example of the initial stages of a drawing. At this point, it's a line drawing. The next step is shading, and that's usually when the drawing starts to come alive.